I would like to do this :


SET    SomeField = 'some value'
WHERE  EmailAddress = @EmailAddress -- this is a parameter of the sproc

Is this even possible? I know I can declare a local table variable and direct the output there but I would prefer to skip it if possible


No, because you are potentially OUTPUTting multiple rows, which wouldn't fit into a scalar variable.

You need to output into a @Table variable or declared table to handle multiple rows of output.

  • Yep. Even if the e-mail address is unique, it's not possible to hack it using composable DML and a single assignment SELECT. I get the error "A nested INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, or MERGE statement is not allowed in a SELECT statement that is not the immediate source of rows for an INSERT statement." This is kinda unfortunate because it's a really clean solution when you know you're only affecting a single row. – Jon Seigel Aug 17 '12 at 16:36
  • I understand. However I can say SELECT @JNK = SomeColumn FROM SomeTable WHERE SomeOtherColumn = MatchesMultipleRows... So why wasn't this constraint applied here? Anyway thanks and I'll just declare a local table variable and be done with it. Life goes on. :) – Andrei Rînea Aug 17 '12 at 19:23
declare @status_atividade bit;

update t1 set         
    t1.idioma = t2.idioma, 
    t1.regiao = t2.regiao, 
    t1.fuso_horario = t2.fuso_horario,
    @status_atividade = t2.status_atividade

    @usuario as t1  
    dbo.locatario as  t2 
    t1.id_locatario = t2.id_locatario

select @status_atividade

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