I am creating a docker mariadb image and wanted to create a database and user name before bootstrapping mysqld daemon. So as per the documentation I tried below queries.

mysql_embedded -e "CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS test ;"

mysql_embedded -e "CREATE USER admin@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'password';"

mysql_embedded -e "select user, host, password, plugin from mysql.user;"

The above query successfully create a database and display user information. But it didn't create the user i.e the middle query didn't get executed. Even it didn't show any error. Can't I create an user using mysql_embedded ?

What is the alternative to mysql_embedded. Is it mysqld --bootstrap ?

Here is a blogpost on mysql_embedded https://mariadb.com/resources/blog/using-mysql_embedded-and-mysqld-bootstrap-to-tinker-with-privilege-tables/

  • mysql_embedded isn't really there for creating users. embedded is when mysql is effectively a shared library for an application. I recommended creating the after bootstrap/mysql_install_db. – danblack Jan 10 at 23:36
  • But from the --help option it seems we can execute any query. – SkyRar Jan 10 at 23:38

As you are using the docker mariadb image the best way is to set the environment variables when running the image:


ref: https://hub.docker.com/_/mariadb/

These will case the database and user to be created with grants (ref)

  • Sorry but I am not using official image. I am creating one from my own using Alpine. However its a general question related to Mariadb only. So let's leave about Docker. – SkyRar Jan 10 at 23:29

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