I have table with 3 columns: "FirstCol", "SecondCol" and "ThirdCol". I need to sort table by "FirstCol".

I know that I can sort table using SELECT:

SELECT * FROM `TableName` ORDER BY `FirstCol` DESC

But this way only works when I output data.

I need to sort the rows in the table itself. That is, the rows will be stored sorted in the database file.

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    There is no way to sort data in the table. You save to sort in with the select query. – Mr Zach Jan 12 at 15:08
  • But if you want to do this for performance reasons, many DBMSes can use an index to avoid sorting. If SQLite supports this, an index on “FirstCol” will help. – Colin 't Hart Jan 12 at 15:15
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    Not sure if this helps but check this link – Sam Jan 12 at 15:28

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