Recently as part of my answer to "Is the keyword “ALIAS” actually used?" I wanted to go back further than Postgres95. Postgres95 is the first version of Postgres that was migrated to use SQL rather than QUEL.

Is POSTQUEL (the version that used QUEL) open source and is it available anywhere? The PostgreSQL repo starts with an import of Postgres95.

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    This is not an off-topic question. It mightn't be of interest to you personally, and might be asking about older code (as Joel Spolsky says, code doesn't rust!) but that does not make it off-topic. I just wish whoever flagged it as such had the courage of their convictions and put in a comment as to why! – Vérace Jan 15 '19 at 21:03

The database was not known as POSTQUEL, but as POSTGRES. PostQUEL is "an incompatible, extended version of QUEL (the Ingres query language)."

As to the source code, I found it linked from this Command Prompt Blog Post,

You can find it available on the POSTGRES Project page at Berkeley.

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