I have csv data in this format:

id   fieldname fieldvalue
--   --------- ----------
1    fieldA    A1
1    fieldB    B1
2    fieldA    A2
2    fieldA    B2

If I upload this to MySQL, how can I convert the data easily to the conventional "relational format":

id   columnA   columnB
--   -------   -------
1    A1        B1
2    A2        B2

Otherwise how can I query data in this format? I’d like to be able to do things like SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE x=y OR a=b AND t=w. Are there database software that specifically deal with this sort of data?

Lastly, is there a systematic name for such data representation? eg. we have "relational" data, XML data. I remember reading on the .rdf format standard and recall that it does resemble that, but I am not sure if there's a more general name.

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