Question: Do any of the SQL Server systems tables in either SSISDB or MSDB contain information that would allow me to discovered which users are making changes to folder permissions in the Integration Services Catalog?

Background: I saw that a SQL Agent job was not running with the following error description:

Cannot access the package or the package does not exist. Verify that the package exists and that the user has permissions to it.

Upon researching the issue, I found that the service accounts permissions to the folder that contains the relevant packages has been removed. I would like to perform a diagnostic to see who removed the permissions and when.

Additionally, configuration management by our IT Operations Group has been a challenge as the SQL Servers have not been kept in-line across environments (i.e., development, test, stage, and production) with respect to at least the following:

  1. Patch Management
  2. Memory Management
  3. Permissions Management

Research: I have checked the Sysssispackages table in MSDB but that does not appear helpful and the tables in SSISDB all appear to be integer based. My background is in database development and less so in database management. Any help is appreciated.

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