I upgraded to MySQL 8.0.13 and tried to add a new field using ALGORITHM=INSTANT but got the following error:

Error Code: 1845. ALGORITHM=INSTANT is not supported for this operation. Try ALGORITHM=COPY/INPLACE

Then I recreated the same table in MySQL 8.0.13 and tried to add the same field using ALGORITHM=INSTANT and it works!

Will this new feature of MySQL (ALGORITHM=INSTANT) only work on newly created tables in the upgraded version?

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    This might be something very specific to the table you are modifying and how it is benign modified. Please include 'SHOW CREATE TABLE {tablename}' and your 'ALTER TABLE' SQL. – danblack Jan 22 '19 at 5:41
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    I tested with several tables even with a small table having a single field but got the same result. I suspect it is a bug. bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=92194 – jithin giri Jan 22 '19 at 6:04
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    And that bug says "fixed in 8.014". – Rick James Jan 22 '19 at 16:18
  • Well researched @jithingiri. Feel free to provide this as an answer. Given 8.0.14 was released a few days ago I suspect you're on an upgrade path. Hope it works for you. – danblack Jan 23 '19 at 0:21
  • sure @danblack .. – jithin giri Jan 23 '19 at 6:27

According to my research, this is a bug


which is explaining " For ALTER TABLE, ALGORITHM=INSTANT was incorrectly rejected on tables created in a MySQL version prior to 8.0.12 " " Fixed in 8.0.14. "

I didn't tested it with 8.0.14. I will post here the results once I tested it with 8.0.14.


Tested it in 8.0.14 and it works

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