We use SQL Server 2005 and sometimes our Analysis Services won't start. A simple reboot solves the problem, however, I'm trying to find a solution that does not rely on that.

If I try to start it from the "SQL Server Configuration Manager", I get a timeout error. When starting from windows' services manager, it states that the service was "started and then interrupted".

The windows application log has three entries:

1 - The flight recorder was started.
2 - The service cannot be started: The following system error occurred: . The following system error occurred: .
3 - Service stopped.

I have also tried to start "Analysis Services" with every single logon option. The same error occurs.

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    As a side note: SQL Server 2005 has been totally out of support since 2016. Upgrading to modern version is strongly encouraged.
    – vonPryz
    Jan 24, 2019 at 12:37

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Are you doing a service restart or a Stop and start in SQL Server Config Manager? I had a similar issue on an old 2005 box and if I did a restart of SQL services in SQL server config manager the issue would not be resolved until I do a Stop and start or reboot the server.

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