I have several report views that are relevant for a few people that have no SQL knowledge so I guess the best solution would be to put them on a website. Surely data sharing must be a common thing to do for SQL experts

Without using tableau, how to have these views available to be visualized on an internal website and/or downloadable in the form of a csv file?

Database is postgresql. Any solution is fine as long as it can be simple for the end user


If you want to export data, the simpler is to user the copy sql command. For example, if you want to export all data in a view names view1, you could perform:

    select *
    from view1
to 'complete_filename.csv'
with format csv;

Then you can use a scheduler or a scheduled task to copy this(ose) file(s) into a network share directory (or publish them on a website).

You'll find more informations about copy here : https://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/sql-copy.html

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