We use Attunity's CDC services to move data from Oracle to SQL Server.

Using the Oracle CDC Designer snap-in tool, I can see the current status of the service and an error message if a problem has occurred. I can click 'Collect Diagnostics' in the tool to gather messages for a date range and write to a file.

I want to find out where the diagnostic information is stored so I can read it directly through powershell from a monitoring server.

I have looked through the event logs and I can see some status messages but the diagnostic report has much more data.


I found the data I was looking for. In each target database there are a series of system tables within the schema cdc. The error messages I wanted are in the cdc.xdbcdc_trace table.

select * from MyTarget_CT.cdc.xdbcdc_trace

There is a similar table in the MSXDBCDC database, but it is currently empty on my system.

There is also information regarding the connection status to Oracle from SQL Server in a file located, most of which I believe is also found in the trace table mentioned above.

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