Occasionally when creating and finishing a snapshot to re-sync data, some of the subscribers seem to hang about for several hours afterwards before they start to take the snapshot. There's no blocking that I can see on the distributor. When I check on the subscriber for sessions against the subscription database, they are running: sp_MSreleasesnapshotdeliverysessionlock

This sometimes happens on a number of SQL Server versions, but all patched to recent CUs. What is this process? And what is likely to be going wrong?

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It's important to understand where is the bottleneck...

Are the BCP-files for the snapshot actually getting created? Are you using PULL or PUSH subscriptions? Remote or Local DIST? Can you setup a Profiler Trace or XE Session on each component...PUB, DIST and SUB and trace activity...plus maybe look at wait-stats and what SQL is waiting for? Turn on Verbose-logging for LogReader-Agent and Distribution-Agent as well. Query the History Replication Sys-Table to get additional information too... sp_helptext on sp_MSreleasesnapshotdeliverysessionlock - what is in it?


Not sure if this helpful or not, but that sp is a built in sproc within the Master database you can look at the code within it.

The tag line is:

This procedure is used by the distribution/merge agent to release the application lock acquired through sp_MSacquiresnapshotdeliverysessionlock.

Looking at the second 'aquire' stored procedure that creates a snapshot delivery progress table, wondering if this process is taking some time?

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