While granting access to Azure SQL databases I have been creating Contained Users directly in the SQL database like so:-


As this has been working fine, and users need to add the database name to the connection, I thought azure would know this is now a contained database.

However, upon checking, I've found the database is not contained

select containment, containment_desc from sys.databases

containment / containment_desc
0 / NONE
0 / NONE

Should I now convert the database to be contained?
Are there any implications for leaving the database in this state? Should I revert back to creating the user at both the server and DB level?

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Azure SQL Database allows database-level authentication regardless of whether the database is contained or not. There is no need to change the database containment for the purpose of database-level authentication alone.

The reason you might use a contained database is to ensure better portability. See the Contained Databases documentation for more info.

  • thanks for your help. I've found the following 2 articles which help describe my question. Contained Database users, which are separate to contained databases.:- link1 link2
    – Porkster
    Jan 31, 2019 at 13:50

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