Please help me on below:

Below is my Environment:

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

SQL Server 2014 SP2 GDR

Availability Groups 2014 with 3 Node (2 Sync and 1 BCP async)

I have 7 Databases with FileStream enabled.

Each 7 DB Filestream data folders is around 500 GB.

Due to security policy I need to enable both Transparent Data Encryption (TDE for structured data) and Encrypting File System (EFS on FileStream folders).

While enabling EFS on FileStream folders I am getting below error.

(NOTE : I am doing it by turning the SQL Servers offline and before taking services offline , I am failing over AG to next available Synchronized AG Node)

enter image description here

I cannot Ignore the error and move on , because of which please advise on below:

I even tried turn off anti virus and Firewall . No Luck

  1. What is the root cause of this issue and how can I perfectly enable EFS for the 7 DBs FS Folders .
  2. Can I try enabling the EFS on multiple DB FS Folders keeping in mind their sizes (500 GB each) ?

Kindly advise. Thanks

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  • Can you use BitLocker instead of EFS? – David Browne - Microsoft Feb 1 '19 at 5:23
  • Hi David , sorry to ask this question : Is bit locker available for Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard ? Also , the EFS Enablement is finalized to be executed so could not go for Bit locker at this time . But I will read more on bit locker and its usage. – DBOn Feb 1 '19 at 5:32
  • Are you willing to consider a third party product? – Neil Weicher May 6 '19 at 11:47

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