Guys. When I tried to import a .dmp file into a fresh oracle database (sqlplus), I got this error. dump file "exp_tbs_gxplt01282019.dmp" may be an Data Pump export dump file

My step is:

SQL> create user CLIENT_TEST identified by client_test_password;
SQL> grant connect, unlimited tablespace, resource to CLIENT_TEST;
SQL> exit


imp CLIENT_TEST/client_test_password@hostname file=file_name.dmp full=y;

Then, I got that error mentioned. I checked out the similar posts from stackExchange and seems follow the instruction exactly the same, but no luck.

  • Not sure what your question is, but have you done any research about the error message you get? What did you find? – mustaccio Feb 2 '19 at 1:22
  • In case you were not aware: The Classic Utilities (exp/imp) and the new Data Pump Utilities (expdp/impdp) use incompatible Dump file formats. – Michael Kutz Feb 2 '19 at 1:49
  • @Michael Kutz Thank you! I used impdp and the error is gone, but there is another error: invalid log file, I only got a .dmp file from my client and no log file. Should I create a new log file for that? or I should ask my client to provide me? P:S. I created one file named "xxxx.log", but I still got the same error: invalid log file – miaj Feb 2 '19 at 14:40
  • @mustaccio. Thanks! I solved the problem by using impdp to import the data, but I got another error which is invalid log file, should I create a log file for my dmp file? – miaj Feb 2 '19 at 14:42
  • And how would you create a log file? That is the file to which exp/expdp/imp/impdp logs their run-time messages. Show us the full and exact command (including the logfile specification) that you used and that generated the error. – EdStevens Feb 2 '19 at 15:00

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