The query here is pertaining to Replication support between Publisher instance running on SQL Server 2014 Ent. Ed. and Subscriber instance being on SQL Server 2017 Ent. Ed. Currently all DB instances (Publisher, Distributor & Subscriber) are running on SQL Server 2014 Ent. Ed. But, we are undergoing migration activity where the Subscriber DB is getting upgraded to SQL server 2017 Ent. Ed. first then it is decided to configure new Distribution instance on a separate machine that will run SQL server2017 Ent. Ed. so that we can configure replication from Publisher running on SQL server 2014 Ent. Ed. , Distributor instance running on SQL server 2017 Ent. Ed & Subscriber instance running on SQL server 2017 Ent. Ed.

Now, in this migration activity we are trying to identify an approach that will help us to configure replication from Publisher instance(SQL 2014 Ent. Ed.) to the newly created Distributor instance(SQL 2017 Ent. Ed.) without hampering the existing replication setup.

Also We would like to know is there any other way to achieve this or issues that could arise due to this approach ?

Note: We have excluded below options: 1) Upgrade Publisher or Distributor DB instance to SQL 2017 Ent. Ed.

  • If it is a requirement to use sql replication, then you don't have any options in your topology without making the distributor or the publisher SQL Server 2017 to match your subscriber. If you are flexible on your technology you can use other approaches like SSIS or third party products like Double-Take. Check out visionsolutions.com – Steve Strelzyk Feb 5 at 16:11

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