I am looking for a solution of auto erase the table row in PHPMyAdmin every data entry is there a solution give a soon as possiable

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    The task (and its solution) is not related to PHPMyAdmin. Create proper EVENT which performs the action you need. – Akina Feb 7 at 6:05
  • how to create an event in PHPMYADMIN – naveeninet Feb 7 at 11:50
  • CREATE EVENT Syntax. Do not forget to enable Event Sheduler. – Akina Feb 7 at 13:39
  • If you need to delete after inserting, why insert? Or why delete? Why not 'replace' or 'update'? "Every day" -- do you mean that something needs removing at midnight? – Rick James Feb 8 at 22:31
  • yes, every day I need to delete the file which is inserted – naveeninet Feb 11 at 5:51