I have this table which is used to generate second table with the result:

        COUNT(*) count,
        SUM(amount) volume,
        DATE(created_at) date,
        DAY(created_at) day,
        type transaction_type
        FROM payment_transactions
        WHERE created_at BETWEEN '2018-11-11' AND '2018-11-14'   

Example result:

count volume  date  status 
1 3000  2018-11-11  approved 
1 3000  2018-11-11  approved 

The question is how to insert this result into second table with one query? Probably with batch insert for MariaDB?

Is there a way to archive this with one SQL query?

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    INSERT INTO...SELECT – McNets Feb 7 at 9:15
  • Your proposal it to insert the result into DB table? – Peter Penzov Feb 7 at 9:21
  • Is this the question?: how to insert this result into second table with one query? – McNets Feb 7 at 9:24
  • Yes. Can you please paster official answer so I can rate it? – Peter Penzov Feb 7 at 9:27
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    So, @PeterPenzov, when you google "mysql insert select" it's the very first hit. Please do some research before asking questions. – tombom Feb 7 at 9:47

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