I read about database diagram and normalization, So I have managed to follow the normalization rules. But I am not sure if this is right or not ?

enter image description here

What my database should do:

I want to add posts which will consist multiple question and answers, which will be of specific chapter in a book.

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    Do you actually have a programme which works against this data structure? That's the ACID (in both senses of the term) test! – Vérace Feb 9 at 11:20
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    Can't judge a schema without seeing the SELECTs that will be used. – Rick James Feb 9 at 16:20
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    A diagram should be a representation of the relevant business rules (AKA "the conceptual schema"); so, in order to know if it is "good" or not (from a representational point of view), you should disclose the corresponding business rules. – MDCCL Feb 9 at 21:17
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    It's good. I like the colours. – mustaccio Feb 9 at 22:58
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    Could do with more cerulean. Contours are very round. – danblack Feb 11 at 5:00