I do experience the following situation on a PostgreSQL 11:

  1. A transaction with unknown statements creates an ACCESS SHARE lock on pg_class.
  2. Another connection wants to execute DROP TABLE which causes an ACCESS EXCLUSIVE lock on pg_class. This operation is blocked because operation #1 still holds the lock.
  3. Following that any new connection to the DB is waiting forever, because it needs to access pg_class as well.

The only way to proceed is to either kill operation #1 or #2.

While I can reproduce the situation with manual locking the tables, I do not find an explanation what causes the pg_class lock on operation #1. That is, pg_stats_activity only shows a SELECT as current query which is idle in transaction. I suspect this not being the statement creating the lock, however.

Thus, any input on what could cause ACCESS SHARE locks on pg_class except DROP TABLE is highly appreciated.

Update atm it is also unclear why DROP TABLE wants to lock pg_class.

  • What table is being dropped? – jjanes Feb 10 '19 at 1:54
  • Some temporary Tableau table. Unfortunately I don’t have any details about it’s definition. – Sebastian Dressler Feb 10 '19 at 7:05

The situation is caused by a long-running transaction which does a SELECT on pg_class first. This causes the ACCESS SHARE lock.

Typically, DROP TABLE does not cause an ACCESS EXCLUSIVE lock, but in that case there is a PG extension loaded which uses more restrictive locking.

Solution for the current situation is to move the SELECT on pg_class out of the long-running transaction.

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