i've a single Oracle 11.2 node with really bad performances and i figure out that there's a lun always running at 100% IO.

This is the "DATA_0000" lun configured in asm in this way

SQL> SELECT name, header_status, path FROM V$ASM_DISK;



DATA_0000 MEMBER /dev/dm-6

INDICI_0000 MEMBER /dev/dm-7

I'm not a dba at all, but i think this is a really bad configuration causing bad performances. I'm planning to add 2 more luns (same size and storage enclosure as the originals) but i would like to know if is it possibile (without loosing data) to split existing luns between both VG


dm-6 => DATA_0000 => DATA 500gb

dm-7 => INDICI_0000 => INDICI 500gb


dm-6 => DATA_0000
=> INDICI_0001

dm-7 => DATA_0001 => INDICI_0000

Any help would be welcome. Regards

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  • to me it's not clear what the "To BE" is...anyway what you can do is: add 2 asmdisk from OS (/etc/init.d/oracleasm add ..), add this 2 ASM disk to the same ASM DISKGROUP (via sqlplus: alter diskgroup XX add disk...). At that point, ASM itself wil spread data in all asmdisk. You can check with select like this: select GROUP_NUMBER,DISK_NUMBER,FREE_MB,NAME from v$asm_disk – MarcoP Feb 12 at 8:20
  • Really thanks for your answer. I'm planning to add two more luns but i would like to know if its possibile to spread existing ams disks on both diskgroup DATA and INDICI. Thanks – Flavio Feb 12 at 9:45
  • No you can't. An asm disk can be assigned to only one ASM diskgroup. – MarcoP Feb 12 at 10:05

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