Not a technical question but instead I am trying to understand the future career path of a DBA.

I have been working as SQL Server DBA for the last 13 years. I won't say I am an expert in SQL Server, but with confidence, I can say I know it. In the past future of years, the database industry has changed a lot, especially MS SQL. The old style of DBA work is not needed much.

I don't have experience or knowledge in Data analytics or BI platform. Moreover, there are lots of skilled people in that sector. So, it will be tough to get a good opportunity.

I know many you were in this similar situation and faced the same question. I think it’s time DBAs start learning other emerging technologies like, SQL On Linux, containers, Machine Learning,Azure etc. However, I am baffled as to what direction to choose.

What are your recommendation and opinion?

Note: Admins, I am not sure which is the correct tag to use for this.

Kind Regards

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