I need to insert a space into result set from a query, I tried using the space() function and right but I have confused myself.

The Column result from the query is:

  • 1234567891234567891

I need this:

  • 1234 567891234567891 (With a space after the 4th number)

You can do this several ways. I'm assuming this is stored as a number and not a string, and I'm using RTRIM to prevent invalid datatype errors.

DECLARE @i BIGINT = 1234567891234567891

SELECT LEFT(@i, 4) + ' ' + RIGHT(@i, LEN(@i) -4) AS lefty_righty

SELECT SUBSTRING(RTRIM(@i), 0, 5) + ' ' + SUBSTRING(RTRIM(@i), 5, LEN(@i)) AS substrings

SELECT STUFF(RTRIM(@i), 5, 0, ' ') AS stuffy

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