We are beginning work on migrating an Oracle Database to SQL Server and I have installed the appropriate SQL Server Migration Assistant. While I am not planning to use this to build the actual triggers we will use in SQL Server, I would like to test this tool to convert some of the simpler ones to see whether it can help me create a starting point for part the conversion.

My biggest issue is that I cannot seem to tell the tool which triggers to convert.

I connect to Oracle and select the schema and table and expand the list which shows me Indexes and Triggers. I expand the list of triggers and select the single trigger I am interested in. I highlight "Triggers" (which now show 1/10) and select the "Create Report" option. This runs for several minutes and then brings up an Internet Explorer window which appears to show results which indicate an attempted to convert all of the triggers, failing at some point well before the one I had selected.

Can anyone tell me if this is the expected behavior of this tool or identify something in what I've described that I am doing wrong?

Is there some way short of dropping the other triggers that I can have this tool focus solely on the one trigger I am interested in?

I am sure this is some simple mistake I am making but I cannot find anything to tell me how I need to troubleshoot this.

The errors are O2SS0004 Unparsed SQL (1) estimated manual conversion time: 1 hr(s) and O2SS0127 Trigger not found in parsed tree (1), estimated manual conversion time: 1 hr(s)

I am not too concerned with these messages unless they help explain why I cannot select specific triggers

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