My application running with the AWS RDS as a backend. currently i am doing a performance test. While doing that i am seeing RDS cpu usage goes 100% after 20min. While seeing the performance insights of the RDS i am seeing the below metrics,

enter image description here

and which shows setting the transaction isolation level are the culprit. I have set the auto commit is false in my application. Please let me know why it causing these much spike. Do i need to configure any other stuffs to reduce this.


Those are probably bogus.

If you have more than a few dozen connections, they will be stumbling over each other and everyone will progress very slowly. Keep the number of threads to a realistic number.

autocommit=0 should be outlawed. It begs the programmer to forget to issue COMMIT. Without COMMIT, a disconnect (or certain other things) will lead to a ROLLBACK. Meanwhile, the connections may be blocking each other unnecessarily.

To discuss this further, let's see more details about the "performance test".

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