My Postgres database is getting slow while executing some function. But another database of identical design and with more data is much faster than the first one. I have recently migrated data from MS SQL to PostgreSQL. So I have checked if there is any problem from following queries:

  relname                                               AS TableName,
  to_char(seq_scan, '999,999,999,999')                  AS TotalSeqScan,
  to_char(idx_scan, '999,999,999,999')                  AS TotalIndexScan,
  to_char(n_live_tup, '999,999,999,999')                AS TableRows,
  pg_size_pretty(pg_relation_size(relname :: regclass)) AS TableSize
FROM pg_stat_all_tables
WHERE schemaname = 'loan'
      AND 50 * seq_scan > idx_scan -- more then 2%
      AND n_live_tup > 10000
      AND pg_relation_size(relname :: regclass) > 5000000
ORDER BY relname ASC;

And I got the result:

ERROR:  relation "mv_transaction_view" does not exist
SQL state: 42P01

What is the solution for this? I have a materialized view named mv_transaction_view.


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Use relid instead of relname:

SELECT relname                                 AS tablename
     , to_char(seq_scan  , '999,999,999,999')  AS total_seqscan
     , to_char(idx_scan  , '999,999,999,999')  AS total_indexscan
     , to_char(n_live_tup, '999,999,999,999')  AS tablerows
     , pg_size_pretty(pg_relation_size(relid)) AS tablesize
FROM   pg_stat_all_tables
WHERE  schemaname = 'loan'
AND    50 * seq_scan > COALESCE(idx_scan, 0) -- more then 2%
AND    n_live_tup > 10000
AND    pg_relation_size(relid) > 5000000;


Assuming you do not have the schema loan in your search_path, Postgres is unable to resolve the cast mv_transaction_view::regclass - looking up unqualified tablenames only in the schemas listed in the current search_path. Hence the error:

 ERROR: relation "mv_transaction_view" does not exist

Materialized views are also listed among "tables" in the view pg_stat_all_tables, that's not the problem.

The missing schema in the search_path is also not the problem. Just the messenger in a manner of speaking. The problem is a bug in your query. Imagine a table loan.tbl and a search_path of public, loan. Your query would just work fine. Or would it?
Now imagine an innocent (or malevolent) user creating a table public.tbl. Then you run your query again ...

Using relid instead is the safe solution. You don't even need to cast since that's the OID of a table, exactly what pg_relation_size() expects. (The cast oid -> regclass is implicit.)


Also note COALESCE(idx_scan, 0):
idx_scan can be NULL, and you wouldn't wanna miss tables with all sequential scans.

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