I can't find pg_resetxlog under /usr/bin.

postgres (PostgreSQL) 10.7 (Ubuntu 10.7-1.pgdg16.04+1)

cd /usr/bin
postgres@node-1:/usr/bin$ ./pg_resetxlog
-su: ./pg_resetxlog: No such file or directory

That's because from version 10 it has been renamed to pg_resetwal. And the binary is located in /usr/lib/postgresql/<version>/bin.

The pg_xlog directory was renamed to pg_wal in version 10 and several functions, tools and options as well, to reflect that change. See Postgres 10 release notes:

  • Rename write-ahead log directory pg_xlog to pg_wal, and rename transaction status directory pg_clog to pg_xact (Michael Paquier)

    Users have occasionally thought that these directories contained only inessential log files, and proceeded to remove write-ahead log files or transaction status files manually, causing irrecoverable data loss. These name changes are intended to discourage such errors in future.

  • Rename SQL functions, tools, and options that reference xlog to wal (Robert Haas)

    For example, pg_switch_xlog() becomes pg_switch_wal(), pg_receivexlog becomes pg_receivewal, and --xlogdir becomes --waldir. This is for consistency with the change of the pg_xlog directory name; in general, the xlog terminology is no longer used in any user-facing places.

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  • It's not there. postgres@node-1:/usr/lib/postgresql/10/bin$ ls clusterdb dropdb oid2name pgbench pg_dump pg_receivewal pg_restore pg_test_fsync pg_waldump psql repmgrd createdb dropuser pg_archivecleanup pg_controldata pg_dumpall pg_recvlogical pg_rewind pg_test_timing postgres reindexdb vacuumdb createuser initdb pg_basebackup pg_ctl pg_isready pg_resetwal pg_standby pg_upgrade postmaster repmgr vacuumlo – CJ Chang Feb 19 '19 at 14:11
  • 4
    I see pg_resetwal right there. – Colin 't Hart Feb 19 '19 at 14:16
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    Haha... I need a pair of reading glasses, thx! :) – CJ Chang Feb 20 '19 at 13:54

It is in /usr/lib/postgresql/version.number/bin

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