Sample Data

AUG-18             M
AUG-18             F
SEPT-18            F
OCT-18             M
OCT-18             M
NOV-18             M
NOV-18             F

Expected Output. Number of people trained between SEPT-18 and NOV-18

   F      M
   2      3

You should store your data differently. Storing year and month separately might be a good idea. You can do that like this:

ALTER TABLE your_table ADD COLUMN training_year int, ADD COLUMN training_month tinyint;

UPDATE your_table SET 
training_year = YEAR(STR_TO_DATE(TRAINING_DATE, '%b-%y')),
training_month = MONTH(STR_TO_DATE(TRAINING_DATE, '%b-%y'));

When you don't need your TRAINING_DATE column anymore, you can drop it.

Now you could query your table like this:

SELECT gender,
FROM your_table
WHERE training_year = 2018
  AND training_month BETWEEN 9 AND 11
GROUP BY gender;
  • read more about the STR_TO_DATE() function and some more here

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