My "Report" is basically 2 images stacked on top of each other. One is hidden, other one is visible depending on the source.

I need an option to show some of those as portraits and some as landscapes, depending on a parameter I get from SP. Is there any way to implement something along the lines of:


If that's not possible, is there a way to rotate image coming from external source? It's easily doable for the ones living in the database, but I'm really struggling to do the below to external image:

Fields!Format.Value = 0,Fields!Image.Value, 
Fields!Format.Value = 1,Code.RotateImage(Fields!Image.Value)

Adding 2 separate images for landscape leaves me with blank space which I can't have there, and, of course, I can't get rid of.

Am I destined to have 2 separate reports to do this "simple" thing?

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