I just did a migration from Postgres 9.4 to 10 database. How to verify if everything is okay?

I tried to look into huge tables, the rows are different (somehow in Postgres 10 then are more rows than in 9.4)

PSQL 9.4: 14 583 936 
PSQL 10:  14 880 545 

here are my pg_dump and pg_restore commands which were executed without errors, but took very long process, dump was 12hours, while pg_restore 10hours:

pg_dump    -U postgres -d hive -Z1 -Fc -f /mnt/offline_backups/hive_full_2019-03-01_1630.dmp 2> /mnt/offline_backups/hive_full_2019-03-01_1630.log
pg_restore -U postgres -d hive -v         /mnt/offline_backups/hive_full_2019-03-01_1630.dmp

both commands were without errors whatsoever.

Here some screenshots from pgadmin 4v: enter image description here

In both DB I just sorted rows count in descending order.

As you can see, rows inserted is quite different.

Here is summary:

enter image description here

  • Those numbers are only estimates. The only way to get the real row count is to run select count(*) on every table.
    – user1822
    Mar 2, 2019 at 21:57

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Thanks to A_horse_with_no_name for a suggestion, i did some of the tables select count(*) and returned identical rows for each table.

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