I'm making an inventory management system using invoices.

  • creating invoices (sale/transfer between warehouses or purchase)
  • if purchasing new product => we will define new products in database
  • we have currencies, units, account agent (supplier or customer) ...
  • system will be able to add/modify delete all data(products,currencies,units

if someone of you have a business ideas please help me
this is an example of invoice teacher gave me
this is an example of an invoice

my db diagram is as follows

enter image description here can u help me if there is a lack? because my teacher is waiting for something bigger than my entity and he is not telling me what to do more or helping to add more attributes.

where should i put tva?
should i put tva final of all items in invoice table?
should i put the net amount in invoice table?
are the relationship true?

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