table studentinfo:

TID       BADGEID     NAME        Location    Addr
122        233.01      Katy         GA         GA-54
123        234.02      tery         GA         GA-54

I want to insert 0 after. like below

  TID       BADGEID     NAME        Location    Addr
    122        233.001      Katy         GA         GA-54
    123        234.002      tery         GA         GA-54

I have this solution in my mind not sure it's correct. worried if it's going to mess my data:

update studentinfo
set BADGEID = '.###'
where location = 'GA'
  • Your current query is going to update BADGEID = '.###' for all the records with the location GA. Are you trying to insert a new row? Or update existing ones. It's not clear. – Jacob H Mar 7 '19 at 20:13


UPDATE studentinfo
SET BadgeID = CAST(CAST(BadgeID as INT) + ABS(BadgeID-CAST(BadgeID AS INT))/10 AS 
WHERE location = 'GA'


UPDATE studentinfo
WHERE location = 'GA'
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