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I know this is not a reasonable request but is it possible to reset master DB to the status it was just installed without backup?

I deployed a DB project which I didn't know it will mess with master DB so I didn't backup it in advance plus the deployment script has some defects so the process failed and left tons of rubbishes in master DB.

I did a bit search but most of the instruction requires a backup whereas I can't be sure for those don't request backup can work master DB around or not.

Is there any way else except reinstalled the instance all over?

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  • Please check out out similar a question at StackOverflow as well. – vonPryz Mar 11 at 10:50
  • Apparently, I didn't search with correct keywords, option 4 did solve my problem, thanks! – 蕭為元 Mar 12 at 2:57

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