We've had an issue where data tables have been deleted from a client applications SQL Server Database (Dynamics Navision). Unfortunately we had an outage and the SQL Servers were affected by this, therefore when I query the default trace nothing is returned.

Is there a way for me to identify when and who has deleted these tables without default trace?

If you have backups, you can restore those to a dev instance working your way back (or forward) from a point in time and figure that out.

Unfortunately we do not have the space to restore these databases as they are 600GB+ in size. Is there a way to track the changes using log reader? I tried a fn_dump_dblog without any success.

  • Do you have server-level backups (VM snapshots or something similar) that would include the default trace from around the time this occurred? – HandyD Mar 12 '19 at 3:39

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