I have several databases in several locations running with MySQL 5.7.25. Now i want to replicate all these databases to single server.

Master database servers (All databases are with same name)

Location 1 database: my_system
Location 2 database: my_system
Location 3 database: my_system
Location 4 database: my_system
Location 5 database: my_system

Expected slave server;

database 1: my_system_location_1
database 2: my_system_location_2
database 3: my_system_location_3
database 4: my_system_location_4
database 5: my_system_location_5

How can i setup this environment using MySQL replication.

I have tried MySQL multi source replication channels by renaming databases in to slave,


but it is not replicating data. It does not show any errors. All status are fine. But no data replicating.

  • Please provide SHOW SLAVE STATUS. – Rick James Mar 19 at 19:44

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