I'm trying to find a scheduler_count for my Azure SQL DB, so that I can get sp_Blitz to run. On all other platforms, scheduler_count can be read from sys.dm_os_sys_info, but this dmv is not available currently.

SELECT scheduler_count, * FROM sys.dm_os_sys_info;

Do you know of a way to find it?

I also need a (estimate for) cpu_count.

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Unfortunately this DMV is not accessible.

enter image description here

Adam Machanic has made a user feedback item, you can cast your vote to urge Microsoft to make it available.

It has been picked up by Microsoft, and has been under review since april 6 2018.

You could get your DTU count or CPU count, depending on your model from a certain reporting interval from the sys.dm_db_resource_stats DMV.

SELECT  dtu_limit ,MAX(end_time) as end_time 
FROM sys.dm_db_resource_stats
GROUP BY dtu_limit; -- DTU Model

SELECT  cpu_limit ,MAX(end_time) as end_time
FROM sys.dm_db_resource_stats
GROUP BY cpu_limit; -- VCpu Model

The maximum of 5 Dtu's on my basic tiered database is returned by the query

dtu_limit   end_time
5   2019-03-21 19:17:05.237

And as a result of being on the DTU model, VCpu count will return NULL.

cpu_limit   end_time
NULL    2019-03-21 19:17:05.237

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