Is it inappropriate to use LTREE type when the final node has ~1000 descendants, which exist under other final nodes?

My data is essentially a directory tree, with the final level containing text files which are just key-value pairs, for example:


The final text files will contain about 1000 keys which more or less exist in any of those text files but the value would be different.

This is my current structure:

|PATH                                       | VALUE|
Root.Region1.Exam1.Protocol1.alpha.VARIABLE1  12
Root.Region1.Exam1.Protocol1.alpha.VARIABLE2  345
Root.Region1.Exam1.Protocol1.alpha.VARIABLE3  2345
Root.Region1.Exam1.Protocol1.beta.VARIABLE1   123
Root.Region1.Exam1.Protocol1.beta.VARIABLE2   'hello'
Root.Region1.Exam1.Protocol2.beta.VARIABLE1   'ff'
Root.Region1.Exam1.Protocol2.beta.VARIABLE2   303

I am not sure if this is sensible. My application is to monitor changes to those valuables on a daily basis. The number of rows is about 1 million not on day zero. These are then appended to every time any key-value pair changes.

Is that sensible?

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