Because my table has over 3.5 million records I'm having issues with changing the data type in certain fields in the original table (Table A). Since it's so big I can't simply copy and paste the entire table and if I went with the 65,000 record limit, I'd have to do it 54 times, which I'd rather not do.

I created a "Copy of A" (structure only), fixed the data type and tried an append query, but that didn't work either. It couldn't open the table.

Anyone have any suggestions?

  • To copy data from tableA to tableB you must run one simple query, and the only problem you can meet is 2Gb database filesize limit. So I cannot understand what you're asking about... – Akina Mar 23 at 20:07
  • The database is 1.06 GB already. I really want to change the data type of a few fields from Text to Number. I get an out of memory error if I try to do it directly in the table. So I created a copy of A (structure only) and am just trying to append the data from A to the Copy of A (with the new data types), but that too isn't working. – Paul Desmier Mar 23 at 21:09
  • The database is 1.06 GB already. To alter the table you must create new table in another database file and copy your data (with all changes you beed) into it. – Akina Mar 24 at 19:46
  • But how to copy 3.5 million records? I can only copy 65,000 at a time as the limit of the clipboard. – Paul Desmier Mar 24 at 20:35
  • Clipboard? that's your problems. A have said: you must run one simple query. INSERT .. SELECT, and all records are copied. Or use Import master. – Akina Mar 25 at 4:52

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