I have a report that I moved from one location to another. The report has several 'Go to URL' links and the location of the files has changed from the original report.

The files I am trying to link to are here: D:\Mobility\BuildManifests\Scooter.

In SSRS, the Go to URL function is:

    + "file:\\D:\Mobility\BuildManifests\Scooter" 
    + "\" 
    + Fields!BuildManifestPDFFileName.Value
    + "','_blank'))"

I don't have much experience with this. Please help! Thanks!

  • Is the report it's pointing to still correct and available to the user running the report? – Tom V Mar 25 at 20:06
  • Well its not pointing to a report its pointing to pdf files – Travis Brand Mar 25 at 20:39
  • Question still stands is it accessible? – Tom V Mar 26 at 6:39

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