I am using postgresql 10.7 under AWS RDS.

I downloaded pgtap-1.0.0.zip from https://pgxn.org/dist/pgtap/ because I saw an article in AWS forums saying you can just run pgtap.sql yourself.

However, in the zip file there is no pgtap.sql but a pgtap.sql.in...

I am using a Windows client. Tried to run make in wsl but complains about "pg_config: not found" while there is a pg_config.EXE in my PATH.

It did produce a pgtap.sql but running it fails on view "tap_funky" because it tries to use a non existing column pg_catalog.pg_proc.prokind

I replaced the missing prokind column by a hard coded "f" for (normal function) and got something apparently working but it creates everything in the public schema.

I tried to run that script in a specific schema "pgtap" but it failed straight way. Is there a proper way to do this?


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As of May 2019 pgTAP is an extension in RDS postgres version 11.2, (not version 10,7 however) according to https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2019/05/amazon-rds-postgresql-supports-minor-version-112/

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