I am using SQL Server 2017 based on Windows server 2016. I am trying to connect my named instance, but I got the error message as below screenshot: Can not connect to SQL instance by SQLCMD

So I tried to reinstall ODBC Driver 13. But I got the error as follow: reinstall ODBC Driver 13

Even after I uninstalled ODBC Driver 17, I still got the same error message. Any thought?

Thanks in advanced!

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    Is the SQL Server Browser running on your server? – Padwan Mar 28 at 16:48
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    Does SSMS connect from the same machine? Are you on the same subnet? Maybe try with the IP address. – Jacob H Mar 28 at 16:56
  • I disabled browser...and also tried IP address instead...I can connect by using -S (capital letter) instead of -s (lowercase) now. Thanks to Randolph and you guys help. Have a great one! – DBALUKE HUANG Mar 29 at 2:14

You must specify the server name with -S (capital letter) instead of -s (lowercase).

From the documentation:

   -s col_separator  
   -S [protocol:]server[instance_name][,port]

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