My postgresql column structure looks like this:

id  | from | to
1   |  A   |  B
2   |  A   |  B 
3   |  C   |  D

Now I want an result which looks like this:


where the first and the rows are permuted from A:B to B:A and 'C:D' to 'D:C' and the second column is omitted due to distinct operation.

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This looks more like a stack overflow question yet Union will give a distinct combination.

SELECT concat("from",':',"to") as res From Table
SELECT concat("to",':',"from") From Table
  • You could also use the string concatenation operator - double pipe (||), i.e. SELECT depart || ':' || arrive FROM res UNION &c... - might (test) on be more efficient with big tables? On the other hand, [CONCAT](https://stackoverflow.com/a/11404025/470530) might be more portable?
    – Vérace
    Commented Apr 1, 2019 at 13:29

You can also use least() and greatest() together with distinct. That would preserve the individual values without the need to concatenate them.

select distinct least("from", "to"), greatest("from", "to")
from the_table;

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