We have a table which has only roughly 500 rows, but it is very important for us.

I want see all changes which happen to this table. The changes should get tracked with a timestamp.

I don't want the tracking to happen in the application code, since I want to track changes which happen via psql shell, too.

I am happy with a PostgreSQL specific solution, since I don't use a different DB in this context.


Answer compiled from comments

You would put triggers for any DML event on the table that write information about the event to a log table. If you want to track DDL too, have a look at event triggers - sticky bit.

Some example implementations given by a-horse-with-no-name:

Even if they are several years old, the basic idea hasn't changed and all of them are valid choices. The source for the fourth alternative has been updated recently: https://github.com/2ndQuadrant/audit-trigger

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