I am using SSMS 18.0 Preview 6 and wanted to import the .bacpac file we have locally stored and accessible. However, seems the function is not supported in the GUI . Any updates/suggestions are welcome.

We will use the sqlpackage.exe, hoever wanted to know if GUI supports this.

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Try using SqlPackage instead:

sqlpackage.exe /Action:Import /tsn:MyServer /tdn:worldwide /tu:MyUserName /tp:MySecretPwd /sf:c:\sql\WideWorldImporters-Standard.bacpac 

The command will import the bacpac file to Azure. The parameters used are the following:

/Action is used to indicate if we are going to import, export, publish, and extract data.

/tsn is used to define the Target Server Name.

/tdn is the name of the new database to be created.

/tu is the Target User. It is the Server Admin Login.

/tp is the Target Password. It is the password defined.

/sf is the source file.

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From SSMS v18.0 RC1 we can use GUI to import bacpac into Managed instance. Just tested it and it went fine.

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