I'm trying to deploy Oracle APEX 18 on Windows 8.1 PC using Oracle REST Data Services and Oracle Database 18c XE following this guide.

But when I'm trying to run @apex_rest_config.sql I get this error - Enter: GetConsoleMode failed, LastError=|6| at Drive_letter:/DB_install_folder/dbhomeXE/perl/site/lib/Term/ReadKey.pm line 334.

In CMD it looks like this: error as seen in CMD

Every apex_rest_config#.log file looks similar to this: log file

What could be causing this problem? Why @apex_rest_config.sql doesn't ask new passwords for APEX_LISTENER and APEX_REST_PUBLIC_USER, as it does in the guide? Does it have something to do with this ORA-03113: end of file on communication channel error? Is there any fix or workaround?

Update 1: trying to implement this solution.

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Everything works if you:

  1. create a new database (or use existing)
  2. do alter session set container = yourDBname
  3. and only then run @apexins.sql and other installation and config scripts (e.g., @apxchpwd.sql, @apex_rest_config.sql).

This will lead to creation of a new APEX instance inside current DB.


Perform only the following commands:

19c\apex>sqlplus sys/PW@DBname as sysdba

alter session set container = yourDBname;

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