I have a very simple dtsx package where I created a package parameter called pSourceFilePath and I set its connection string to a path on a local disk. I "parameterized" the connection string for the flat file connection manager and set it to point to the parameter (pSourceFilePath). Everything works great when I run it in Visual Studio.

But when I run it from a c# Winforms app (after I deploy the SSIS package to SQL Server), I set a package parameter with the path of the flat file I want the package to use as the data input for processing. The problem is: the package ALWAYS uses the value defined at design time in the flat file connection manager and not the pSourceFilePath parameter value that I set dynamically in my C# program and passed in.

How can I get the package to use the parameter value?

This is using SQL Server 2017 and Visual Studio 2017 (Winforms application).

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