Hello my team performed several database Data Pump Import "impdp" over the last two years.

The workflow was always to import all "application" schemas ( The schemas that are used from our application) dailyBackup-2019-04-05.sql dump from one of the daily backups.

Now I need to find out the exact dates whe the "impdp"restores where performed.

I tried the following: enter image description here

I found the file dpdump on my server but it only contains this three lines:

enter image description here

I only have one "import.log" file that got always overridden every time a restore with dpdump was taken.

Are there maybe system tables tables where I can check every time when a dpdump was performed

Where else can I look for the log some "import log" files?

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Every time a Data Pump job like that is started, the database notes this in the database alert log. If you have the alert log, you can find the entries there.

Other than that, the database does not store a history of the Data Pump jobs, unless you specifically instruct Data Pump to keep the metadata by adding the KEEP_MASTER=yes parameter to your job.

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