Simple question, when patching two nodes of 11g RDBMS, do I need to patch GRID as well, or only RDMBS is enough?

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Can you have different PSU/BP versions between Database and GI homes? Yes, you can have a higher version PSU or BP in the Database home than in the Grid Infrastructure home managing the resources. This is implicitly documented in MOS Note 337737.1 – Oracle Clusterware (CRS/GI) – ASM – Database Version Compatibility where it says:

“The Oracle Grid Infrastructure (GI) /Clusterware (CRS) version must be of the highest version down to the 4th digit in the possible combinations at all times.“

Therefore you can deviate that this rule does not apply for the 5th digit anymore.

  • If you are on RAC you can do it in a rolling fashion, if you have a standby you can do it with a minimal downtime. On single database, you need a downtime. Oracle patch instructions offer multiple suggestions How to do the patching
    – jmk
    Apr 5 '19 at 20:42

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