Oracle Exadata (we're relatively new to exadata still)

I had something strange happen this morning and the OS user oracle password expired. This meant that cronjobs wouldn't run was the most noticeable effect. So I changed the Oracle password, which according to oracle support docs shouldn't break anything. No apparent issues, cron jobs started back up and everything started chugging along. There was no apparent issue in the database during the time the oracle user password was expired and load was normal.

However, ever since then, load on both nodes has been climbing. No errors in the alert log and a looking at top doesn't appear like there's any thing constantly consuming resources - admittedly debugging performance at the os level is not my forte'. I'm a bit stuck where to go.

Any ideas? I can open a ticket with Oracle, we have support, but that's been...less than helpful in the past.

enter image description here

  • Did you check on DB Level? AWR, gridcontrol, statspack? Even SQLDeveloper‘s Admin Section could provide some hints. – jmk Apr 5 at 20:35

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