I have been using MariaDB (10.3) Semi-Sync [Master/Slave] Replication. As a part of testsystem, I am inserting 6000 rows into Master database and approximately it is processing 1000 rows/second.

Problem: While inserting into Master it is writing into bin-log files and slave reads these bin logs and writes into relay-logs till particular point and throws the following fatal error by making Slave_IO_Running:NO

enter image description here

  • Show the trigger(?) or event after_queue_event. What replication setting are in effect, particularly binlog_format and slave_run_triggers_for_rbr? What is the replication event at this point? What is the full error? What table structures are relevant? What table data is there relevant to the replication fault? Are you updating the slave (outside of replication)? – danblack Apr 12 at 1:58

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