I want to setup multiple SQL Servers like a tree structure similar to Remote Desktop connection Manager, where we can setup multiple servers based on environments we support like Test and Prod.

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You can do this with a feature of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) called Registered Servers. Access the feature by going to "View" -> "Registered Servers."

You can then right-click on "Local Server Groups" and choose "New Server Group" to create the top-level containers ("TEST_ENV1", "TEST_ENV2").

You can right-click on those containers and choose "New Server Registrations" to add instances to that group ("SQL_SERVER_1", "SQL_SERVER_2").

There's lots of information about this feature on the Microsoft Docs site here: Register Servers

Benefits of Registered Servers

With Registered Servers you can:

  • Register servers to preserve the connection information.
  • ...
  • Create groups of servers.
  • Provide user-friendly names for registered servers by providing a value in the Registered server name box that is different from the Server name list.

You can also share these registrations, either by exporting them, or by creating a Central Management Server.

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